Three Programs of Ministry of Agriculture to Increase Farmer’s Production and Welfare

Jakarta-Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) is targeting to improve farmers’ welfare through three strategic programs. The three programs are the provision of People’s Business Credit (KUR) services, the Three-Time Movement (Gratieks) program and the formation of the Agricultural Development Strategy Command (Kostra Tani).

Syahrul explained, the KUR program is a strategic program intended to improve the performance of the agricultural sector from upstream to downstream through easier access. The program is expected to be able to sustain and strengthen agricultural potential in the regions.

“The three must be interrelated to realize the welfare of farmers. We have a budget of Rp50 trillion from a total ceiling of Rp190 trillion. This credit also has cheap interest, which is only 6 percent,” said Agriculture Minister (Minister of Agriculture) Syahrul Yasin Limpo in Jakarta on Tuesday (Tuesday) 10/12).

In addition, Syahrul explained that the Ministry of Agriculture also had a strengthening program through the Threefold Export Movement (Geratieks). This movement was made as a government invitation to all stakeholders of agricultural development to work in an unusual way.

“Of course we can work by utilizing technology, innovation, networking and strong cooperation. That way, access to information regarding the potential of export commodities in each region is wide open and has export destinations that can be accessed through the application of export potential maps and IMACE (Indonesia Maps of Agriculture Commodities Export, “he said.

On farm farming is a process that is directly related to agricultural cultivation, such as seeding, mating livestock, fertilizing, feeding livestock, controlling pests and diseases, harvesting and others. Meanwhile, off farm is the process of commercializing agricultural products, such as traders, collectors and others.


Source: Ministry of Agriculture