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President ask Agricultural Produce Continues

Jakarta – President Joko Widodo instructed all ministries and state agencies to prioritize basic needs as public supply during the process of controlling the spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia. “We need to help farmers, day workers, laborers, fishermen and SMEs so that the purchasing power is maintained and they keep active and productive,” said Jokowi […]

Covid-19 Pandemic is Not Barriers, Sumenep Farmers Keep Harvesting Rice, Corn and Shallots

SUMENEP – An outbreak of pandemic virus, aka Corona Covid-19 is not a barrier for Sumenep farmers to take measures for the improvement of agricultural production. Head of the Department of Agriculture, Horticulture and Plantation (Dispertahortbun) of Sumenep, Firmanto Arif, said that if this time the farmer has entered a period of harvest for paddy, […]

Kementan Set Up a Strengthening Strategic Plantation Export Strategy in Central Corona

Jakarta – Since the beginning of 2020, the world has been alarmed by the outbreak of the corona virus (Covid-19) originating from China. Covid-19 presence which is like tsunami waves that is damaging the posture of global economy. As the first country to experience the Covid – 19 threat, restrictions on importation of goods from and / […]

Three Programs of Ministry of Agriculture to Increase Farmer’s Production and Welfare

Jakarta-Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) is targeting to improve farmers’ welfare through three strategic programs. The three programs are the provision of People’s Business Credit (KUR) services, the Three-Time Movement (Gratieks) program and the formation of the Agricultural Development Strategy Command (Kostra Tani). Syahrul explained, the KUR program is a strategic program intended to improve the […]

Ministry of Agriculture Strengthens the Collaboration with Saudi Arabia in the Field of Agriculture

Jakarta – If all this time Indonesia’s cooperation with Saudi Arabia has focused more on the affairs of the hajj and umroh, this time the Ministry of Agriculture held a friendly meeting and strengthened cooperation with Saudi Arabia in the field of agriculture. The collaboration invites the entire Ministry of Agriculture to develop the economies […]

Minister of Agriculture Invites Millennial to Become Part of Gratieks

Makassar – Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo invites millennial generation to be part of the GRATIEKS (Gerakan Tiga Kali Ekspor Pertanian) – “Three-Time Agricultural Export Movement”. This was conveyed by the Minister of Agriculture in the midst of the thousands of Makassar people who attended the Farmer On Stage event, Sunday morning (15/12). Syahrul […]

Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Opens Agricultural Export Access to Friendly Countries

Jakarta – Collaboration between Indonesia and partner countries in matters of agriculture and food will continue to be improved. This was revealed by the Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo at the Breakfast Meeting with the heads of representatives of friendly countries, at the Ritz Carlton hotel, Mega Kuningan District, Jakarta, Thursday, December 19, 2019.Mentan […]

Pursuing Export Targets, Ministry of Agriculture Encourages the Production of Superior Varieties

Jakarta – The Ministry of Agriculture under the leadership of Syahrul Yasin Limpo has targeted agricultural exports to triple by the next five years. To achieve that, Syahrul asked plant breeders, both from the internal Ministry of Agriculture or universities and the private sector, to continue to produce superior varieties so that agricultural productivity could […]

Kementan Dorong Investasi Perkebunan ke Industri Hilir untuk Ekspor

Jakarta – The Ministry of Agriculture is currently   kept at encouraging investment and seek to continue to increase exports. One is a mainstay exports are commodities, even the largest contributor of foreign exchange in the non-oil sector. It is seen based on data from BPS shows the contribution of plantations 97.4 percent of the volume […]

Waking 10 New Sugar Factory, Agriculture Minister Optimistic Indonesia Amran Soon Self-Sufficiency

Blitar – Agriculture Minister Andi Amran Sulaiman said he was delighted his side in encouraging investment efforts bore fruit sugar. Target of President Joko Widodo to build 10 new sugar mills for five years was completed implemented. “Alhamdulillah 10 sugar mills have been achieved. Before we can produce white sugar as much as 2.5 million tons. While shortcomings […]

Plantation Development in The Industrial Age 4.0

Pembangunan Perkebunan di Era Industri 4.0 Malang – As an agricultural country which most of the population works in agriculture with a contribution to GDP 3rd largest after the manufacturing and trade sector (BPS 2019), Indonesia was time to do the industrial revolution 4.0 on the agricultural sector particularly plantation sub-sector. “Application of technology 4.0 […]

Answering the Challenges of Global Markets, Ministry of Agriculture finalize Grand Design Horticulture 2020-2024

Jakarta – The global market competition increasingly fierce fighting horticultural products. Each country in many ways seeks to increase the benefits of its products. In the middle of the competition, Indonesia demanded to take a strategic role as a producer of horticultural competitive. The way to continue to organize and strengthen the production system. Not […]

Agriculture Encourages Indonesia to Become One of the Economic Countries

Indonesia’s agricultural gross income (GDP) has increased sharply in the last five years. Indonesia’s agricultural GDP currently ranks as the fifth position in the world. Agricultural development has contributed to promoting Indonesia’s economic growth both in the short and long term. “Agricultural GDP has increased from Rp. 994 trillion to Rp. 1,462 trillion. This is […]

First Quarter Palm Oil Exports Risen Up 16% Despite Many Challenges

The domestic palm oil industry faces various challenges throughout the first quarter of 2019. Even so, the Indonesian Palm Oil Entrepreneurs Association (GAPKI) said that the export of palm oil, in the form of crude palm oil (CPO), biodiesel, oleochemicals and derivative products, was able to reach 9.1 million tons in the first quarter of […]

Entikong Agriculture Export Increase Eight-Fold

The Ministry of Agriculture through Agriculture Quarantine Agency (Barantan) noted a significant increase in exports of agricultural commodities through Entikong Agriculture Quarantine. IQFAST 2017 quarantine automation system data shows 333 exports of agricultural commodities for 16 kind of commodities. In 2018 there were 495 export data covering eight types of commodities, while January-May 2019 were […]

Indonesia Aims for Agricultural Exports to Brazil, from Salak (Zalacca) to Pineapple

Minister of Agriculture (Minister of Agriculture) Andi Amran Sulaiman said the government opened opportunities for exports and investment in agricultural commodities to Brazil. This is a very big opportunity as Brazil does not limit the commodities that it wants to export. Therefore, the government is optimistic that the volume of Indonesian food exports to Brazil […]

The Agricultural Sector Again Gives a Share of Decreasing Inflation Rates in February 2019

Again, food contributed positively to the inflation rate in February 2019. Some commodities that contributed to deflation in February included race chicken and eggs. The price of these two commodities fell because the price of feed corn also decreased, following the big harvest of corn throughout Indonesia. While attending the corn farmers’ harvesting activity in […]

Distributing Free Fertilizer, Ministry of Agriculture Requires Farmers to Have This Card

The government through the Ministry of Agriculture made a breakthrough in mechanizing agriculture by issuing Farmer Cards. Farmer Card is an integrated means of accessing banking services that functions as savings, transactions, lending to subsidy cards (e-wallet). The advantages of Farmer Cards include single entry data, online tiered, transparent, multifunctional validation processes. This year the […]

Agricultural Product Exports via Soekarno Hatta Quarantine, Reached Rp. 1.26 Trillion

The government through the Ministry of Agriculture continues to innovate in boosting export value of agricultural products. The Ministry of Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture) through Soekarno Hatta Airport Agriculture Quarantine Agency released data on health certification of agricultural products that had been exported to foreign countries as much as 2,254 times with an export value […]

Ministry of Agriculture Regulates Licensing, Circulation and Use of Pesticides

The Ministry of Agriculture through the Directorate General of Agricultural Infrastructure and Facilities (PSP) regulates licensing, distribution and utilization of pesticides so that they can be used wisely. The role of pesticides to save agricultural production from plant disease pest disorders is still very large. Director of Fertilizers and Pesticides, Directorate General of Agricultural Infrastructure […]

Entering Industry 4.0, the Government Encourages Digitalization in the Agriculture and Fisheries Sector

Digitalization industry in inevitable in entering the era of 4.0. In order to support the sustainability in the future, all industries should adopt the technology. Currently, all industries in Indonesia are preparing to enter industry 4.0 including agriculture and fisheries. Hence, the governement is encouraging as many as eight million Indonesian to Go Digital – […]

The B20 Program Donates the Absorption of Palm Oil to 919 Thousand Tons

The mandatory expansion of 20% (B20) biodiesel to non-public service obligation (PSO) has shown a positive impact. The Joint Indonesian Palm Oil Company (Gapki) noted that the absorption of palm oil (CPO) in the B20 mandatory expansion program reached 919 thousand tons. The amount was obtained based on the palm oil absorption contract for B20 […]

Dongkrak Produksi dan Ekspor Perkebunan di 2019, Kementan Siapkan Strategi

Kementerian Pertanian (Kementan) untuk sektor perkebunan terus berupaya untuk meningkatkan produksi dan ekspor. Hal ini mencakup komoditi-komoditi strategis yang diprioritaskan seperti teh, kopi dan kakao. Dalam rangka menargetkan peningkatan produksi sejumlah komoditas pangan pada 2019.  Target itu diharapkan bisa dicapai melalui sejumlah  strategi pengembangan, seperti pengembangan kawasan pertanian (klaster) berbasis korporasi petani dan penguatan infrastruktur […]

Bangun Pabrik Gula, Kementan Anggarkan Rp 41,44 Triliun

Kementerian Pertanian mengklaim capaian sektor pertanian pada triwulan II 2018 bisa berkontibusi signifikan pada pertumbuhan ekonomi nasional. Oleh karenanya, Kementerian Pertanian terus mendorong tren positif ini sehingga bisa menstabilkan pasokan pangan serta mendorong pertumbuhan ekonomi sepanjang tahun ini. Adapun beberapa hal yang perlu mendapatkan perhatian salah satunya adalah meningkatkan produksi gula dalam negri guna mengurangi  […]

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